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-model of the phone

-Imei to verify the model found in settings, general, about (very important because if someone says they have an iPhone 6 and it turns out to be a 6S, the screen isnt the same. Even if the phone looks the same)

-after you have the imei, go to input the imei, and wait for it to tell you the model

-screen color (black or white, NOT the color of the back of the phone)

-price that the lcd is being sold for

-amount paid for deposit


-any additional accesories



iPhone 6S Plus black lcd

IMEI: 012349837481932

$75-$10 (deposit)

balance $65

x2 free glass protectors


Instructions to create the product

1. open the shopify app

2. click products

3. click the "+" button on the top right

4. Add Product

5. Upload the picture LCD Deposit, Deposit etc

6. In the TITLE type the "Model, Screen color, or service being rendered, and if they paid deposit or full payment"

  • EX. iPhone 7 black LCD FULL PAYMENT
  • EX. iPhone 6 Charging port DEPOSIT

7. in the DESCRIPTION add the Phone model, screen color, imei, the total being charged minus the deposit, then the balance, then finally the amount of screen protectors being given.

  • EX.    iPhone 6S Plus black lcd

              IMEI: 012349837481932

              $75-$10 (deposit)

              balance $65

              x2 free glass protectors

8. PRICE should only be $10 for the deposit or the total being charged  if the customer requests  to pay the full amount.

9. TAXES, make sure you turn off the taxes button so that the customer isnt charged any taxes.

10. SALES CHANNEL, the only 4 that should be highlighted are the first four. ONLINE STORE, POINT OF SALE, BUY BUTTON, MOBILE APP

11. Press SAVE

12. Click the "..." on the top right


14. COPY, then send the link to the customer

15. Once the payment is received, schedule a time and date to fix their device.