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Learn how to REMOVE Google FRP Lock on Most Android Devices

Posted by Luis Avilez on



If you're here you're probably one of thousands of Android users who have undoubtedly forgotten their Google account password on their device. You might have accidentally typed in your pass code too many times and locked yourself out of the device, then when you enter your Google email, it says that it's incorrect or that you have to wait 24 hours. Yeah that's a big issue considering how we use our phones in 2017.



The reason these devices become Google Locked is because they are Hard Reset. A hard reset is a reset done with the exterior buttons of the device to remove all the information on them. Doing this triggers the Google lock as a safety measure, in case your device is lost or stolen and someone tries to remove everything on it to use it. Now that isn't the case most time. Sometimes we do a hard reset and forget to take off the account beforehand, then when it asks us to input the account, we have no clue which email we used.



Below is the link to the our Youtube Channel, which includes videos on how to remove the accounts from Samsung, LG, Zte, and HTC devices. The videos are free to use and no payment is ever required. Unless you get stuck at some point and require customer service (Only for Samsung Devices). Not every device can be done at this time. If your device is running 6.0.1 or lower, then there is a higher possibility of success. Also all the videos are Universal. So if the title of the videos says it was done on a Samsung S7 EDGE, you could still use it on a Note 5, S6, Etc.



Link to Youtube Videos

lavilez.techservice Youtube



Link to downloads (Most will be downloaded from locked device)

lavilez.techservice Downloads

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